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Revelations (PG-13)

Title: Revelations
Episode/Season Rewritten: Prophecy
Rating: PG-13
Other Pairings: some mentions Clois and Chlollie
Spoilers: Seasons 9 and 10 in general, I guess?
Disclaimer: If I owned Smallville, things would have ended a lot differently. NUFF SAID.
Summary: A shocking discovery leaves Chloe reeling.
Warnings: a bit of strong language
Notes: An AU take on Prophecy, another kind of "Fix It" fic, if you will. Based on some speculations that were had in the weeks before the ep aired. I figured the story should still be told, even if TPTB decided not to. *shrugs* The fic is kind of based on a line from Selina's song "Dreaming Of You". Hope you like!

(Chloe's brows are furrowed, her pretty little face filled with confusion.)

Why Superman Likes Pink (PG)

Title: Why Superman Likes Pink
Canon Starting Point: I guess any point after Chloe knows Clark's secret?
Rating: PG
Other Pairings: Superman/Lois
Spoilers: You might notice a slight reference to Abyss, if you blink.
Disclaimer: If I owned Smallville, *I* would be in charge of writing the final season. NUFF SAID.
Summary: The smallest of things can bring the sweetest of memories back... no matter how hard you've tried to forget them.
Notes: This little fic came to me at random while looking at my au100 prompt table. It's kind of a crossover with Superman: The Movie, and inserts a little self-reflection into probably the most memorable scene in the film, at least for me. And yes, as there usually is with my fics, there's a little twist in this. :p

('Do you like pink?')

Get Mine, Get Yours (NC-17)

Title: Get Mine, Get Yours
Episode/Season Rewritten: Season 6, Zod through Noir.
Rating: NC-17
Other Pairings: Lexana; Chimmy; Lollie; light Kaloe (but does that really count as another ship? :p); mentions/hints of past Clana
Spoilers: Is season six still spoilery?
Disclaimer: If we had it our way, Clark and Chloe would have gotten together a freaking long time ago.
Summary: Chloe finally has the upper hand... and she's playing it for all it's worth... much to Clark's dismay.
Warnings: READ: This is for mature audiences only. To be blunt, it's smutty, people. If you're not into that, then don't read. Other than that, there's a bit of strong language. You have been warned.

Notes: Mainly AU following Wither. Co-written with harlemrain. It took four years to finish this fic, so love and feedback are totally appreciated. <333

Full chapter listing HERE.

*puts on cranky mod!hat*

You know, there are some things that I really don't go for in my community. A great majority of them are listed in this little thing I like to call THE RULES. But there's another thing that I really don't like, and it's not listed there.

It's called sockpuppeting. Which essentially, to me, means that you're pretending to be someone else and then posting as that someone else, and you're deliberately trying to fool people. But this goes much deeper than that.

There's nothing wrong with someone using an alias to post fic. Some people just choose to have pseudonyms, for whatever reason. And some people post from writing journals. Nothing at all wrong with that. That I approve of.

But when someone from literally the other side of the fandom (i.e., a hardcore Cloiser who pretty much looks down their nose at us Chlarkers and finds every chance they can to harass us), makes a Chlark-themed journal, pretty much mocking us in their journal title, steals icons from makers without their permission and without credit for said journal, and then reposts fic that's not necessarily all that great and was most likely stolen from a Chlarker who did actually write it... yeah, that's when I get upset. And yes, that has happened in the last twenty-four hours. I am further outraged by this situation because two of the icons that were stolen were mine.

The posts in question have been deleted from this community, as I feel the fact that they were posted here by that sockpuppet is very insulting. The sockpuppet journal in question has also had their posting rights revoked. Too bad, so sad, but... not really. Because I'm not allowing that sort of thing to go on in my community. And if you don't like that, I am sorry, but it's how it goes here. I'll say it one time now, and one time only.


Anyone suspected of sockpuppeting will be excluded from the community, and will have their posting rights revoked immediately.

That should be clear enough. And if it's not, feel free to ask questions.

A note from your ever-modly mod.

Looks like this comm isn't getting a lot of use. This makes your mod a sad-faced mod. :(

I feel the need to remind you guys that this community isn't just for new fics. It's for new and old fics alike, So please feel free to post some of your older stories here. In fact, I encourage you to do so. Anything that fits the theme of being a rewrite starring Chloe and Clark is suitable at this community. I just want us to spread the Chlark love. So please, you guys, start posting. You'd make me the happiest modly mod ever.


Between Love And Hate (NC-17)

Title: Between Love And Hate
Episode/Season Rewritten: Savior
Rating: NC-17
Other Pairings: mentions of Chimmy
Spoilers: Savior
Disclaimer: If I owned Smallville, *I* would be in charge of writing this season. NUFF SAID.
Summary: After years of an intense, complicated relationship, Chloe and Clark have come to realize that there's a fine line between love and hate. But a single moment of weakness may make them cross it.
Warnings: READ: This is for mature audiences only. To be blunt, it's smutty, people. If you're not into that, then don't read. You have been warned.

Notes: AU take on a scene from Savior, complete with massive angst and pretty hardcore sex. Feedback is certainly loved. <333

(Love and hate. They both feel it.)

Monthly Rec List

I was supposed to get this posted yesterday, and I'm so sorry for being late. Forgive me? I know, you probably didn't even know I was supposed to post a rec list. All of these are AUs that take off from canon.
What I Think You Should Be ReadingCollapse )

Title: Ready
prompt: Back to School for Chlark 24/7
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: I own nada.
Spoilers: Post Hex.
Pairings: Chlark of course both friendship and hint of romance
Summary: Chloe realize that her life must change
after her encounter with Zatana .

ReadyCollapse )

A chlois fic


Disclaimer: I own nothing. If owned Smallville, Chloe would have gotten her hero a long time ago.

Spoilers: between season 4 and 5

Pairings: Chlark, Chlois ;-)




Chapter I: Living in a lie Collapse )