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Chlark Rewrite

Sometimes a legend is meant to be rewritten.

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Ever wished a certain scene or episode of Smallville would have gone differently? Have you ever found yourself frustrated or annoyed with the way a certain ship has been portrayed on the show? If your ship is Chloe and Clark, then you know this feeling all too well. Well, here is your chance to rewrite Smallville history. Give the world the Chloe and Clark you think should have been seen. Rewrite a scene, an episode, a season, even the entire show, or simply write a scene you felt was missing that would have given us more insight into Clark or Chloe's feelings in a particular episode. You could even write a futurefic, if you wanted. Let your imagination go wild, and show us the Chloe and Clark we all know and love.

1. This community is essentially a home for alternate universe stories and "missing" scenes. Drabbles, short stories, chapter stories, and series alike are welcome at this community, provided that they have some basis in canon. Each story has to have a starting point from one particular episode or season, and can go anywhere from there. For example, you could write a story that goes AU from the episode Zod, and has Chloe pursing a relationship with Clark rather than Jimmy. Whereas, a fic where Chloe and Clark are just dating out of the blue after Vessel would not be allowed. Your story must have some point in show canon to branch off from. Stories that take place after the branch off point are allowed, but that point must at least be mentioned in the fic. For example, if it's a futurefic, please indicate where in canon the timeline became AU.
2. This community completely centers on Chloe Sullivan and Clark Kent. Meaning, your story must focus on that pairing only, be it romantic or friendship only. Other pairings can be mentioned in passing, or featured in a lesser degree, but the focus of your story must be the Chloe/Clark pairing. A story which promimently features Chloe and Clark, with a mention of Clark and Lana, or one scene featuring that pairing, would be allowed, whereas a fullblown Clark/Lana fic with one scene of Chloe/Clark friendship would not be allowed.
3. In the stroke of being upfront and honest, this is a Chlois-friendly community. For those not in the know, Chlois refers to the Chlois theory, the theory that Chloe will one day become the Lois Lane of legend. Chlois fics of almost any nature will be allowed, given that this is a community for AU stories. However, they must have some basis in canon, and some starting point within one canon episode, or season. For example, instead of Chloe returning after her faked death in Covenant, you could write a story that features Chloe changing her name to Lois Lane to protect herself. Another example would be that the Legion had never heard of Chloe Sullivan, because following her cousin's death sometime during season 8, she took on her name and deleted her own existence from all records. A story where Chloe has out of the blue become Lois Lane would not be accepted. Show us some growth, some development that leads to her going in that direction.
4. NO BASHING. This is in regards to the characters, the ship, and the Chlois theory, which is acceptable material for this community, as per the above rule. Bashing in posts or in comments is strictly forbidden, and will result in an immediate banning.
5. Characters deaths, including those of Chloe and Clark themselves, will be allowed, but only to an extent. This is supposed to be a happy place, not somewhere to share the gloom and doom. If a story is posted with excessive deaths, or characters being needlessly killed just to suit the author, the mods might consider this to be a form of trolling, and you will be banned. Referring back to the previous rule, if you're not a Chloe fan, and post stories in this community where she is outright killed for no reason, you are up for an immediate banning.
6. All ratings are allowed, from G to NC-17. Please indicate, however, if your fic contains adult or sexual content.
7. Please put all fanfic behind a cut. This even applies to drabbles. It saves everyone's friendspage, and the recent entries page of the community. Feel free to supply a fake LJ-cut back to your journal or community, if you'd prefer.
8. When posting, please indicate what you have rewritten, or what episode your "missing" scene comes from. If you are posting a futurefic, please indicate when in canon the timeline went AU. If possible, please use one of the fic-posting headers located HERE.
9. Most authors thrive on feedback. If you read a story and enjoy it, please be sure to leave a comment and let them know just how much you enjoyed it. It's kind of a common courtesy.
10. Once monthly, our Rec Mod, designated especially for giving reccomendations, will make a post, recommending works of various authors that we feel fit the general theme of this community. If there is a story you feel deserves recognition, feel free to contact the Rec Mod with your suggestion.

When in doubt about these rules, or anything else, please contact one of the mods via PM, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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